About Us

Making it Happen! The Crew at Athena Research, Inc
Julia D. Thomas –Owner and President
Julia began her title industry career in the 1990s working primarily as an escrow assistant and loan closer. Her ambition led her out of the office and to the courthouse where she learned the meticulous art of real estate title examining. In the early part of 2000, Julia decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship. She established Athena Research, Inc. on July 8 of that year. Her company now employs a team of dedicated professionals who perform accurate and comprehensive searches. She is a member of the National Public Records Research Association (NPRRA) and the National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors (NALTEA).  She currently serves on NALTEA's Board of Directors.  Julia has achieved the distinguished NCA, NALTEA Certified Abstractor Designation.
Steve Zavesky -Senior Title Abstractor
Steve has been active in the title industry since 2001. He earned his bachelors’ degree in Engineering but was unsatisfied with the manufacturing sector. He now applies his engineering background and its methodology and attention to detail to tackle real estate searches efficiently and accurately. Steve’s track record is proven in commercial searches, such as shopping malls, manufacturing plants, airports, utilities, and public lands. He is an expert in master development searches for construction of new subdivisions and residential searches for platted and non-platted lands. He applies his experience deciphering manufacturing blueprints to reading legal descriptions and maps, and his familiarity with government specifications and contracts has proven great training in the legal aspects of searching title. When Steve is not engaged in a challenging property research project you can find him high-spirited behind a drum set. He often rocks the house with local jazz and blues bands
Jeffrey Jarvis -Recording Division
Jeffrey started searching title in 1993. He has worked for a number of full service title companies during his career doing everything at the county level from searching to filings. He has a keen eye for irregularities and seasoned knowledge about all things title. Jeffrey has been with ARI since 2012. When he is not on the clock for Athena he spends his time writing stories and poetry or exploring NEO with his children
Henry Seuffert –Title Examiner
Henry has been active in the title industry since 2003, when he joined Athena Research, Inc. He is a conscientious and skilled Abstractor and familiar with searching in multiple Ohio Counties. Henry produces a trustworthy product and is valued by the team and clients alike.  When not delving into Real Estate records, he spends his time on Yoga, his cats and a good novel.
New Opportunity
We are an established public record researching firm looking for career minded individuals to join our team. The ideal candidate has excellent computer skills, is detail oriented, and is willing to travel within the state. An understanding of real estate terminology and public record researching knowledge is a plus but we are willing to train. Our training program is approximately 8 months.  Send your resume and salary requirements to Resumes@athenaresearch.net